iCommunism (HUM415)

“[I]t is the whole that is irrational rather than the part” (Cremin 32).

Compare this with Adorno: “The whole is the false” (Minima Moralia 50).

Or contrast it with a principle of ir/rationality, along the lines of The Assignment. Rationalization produces irrational behavior (Achilles, Polypheme).

According to the capitalist wordview meaning, responsibility, and action always reside at the level of the individual. This is the atomistic or “monadic” view of society. Global warming, then, as Cremin indicates, is posited not as the consequence of a mode of production but the aggregate impact of many self-interested individuals. People, not capitalist relations, are the problem. The answer is thus clear: to encourage and perhaps even coerce limits on population growth. We can think of this program as a kind of neo-eugenics because it’s obvious who is supposed to lower their birth rates.

Tomorrow let’s focus on the first two chapters of iCommunism and look at a few clips.