Manchette’s 3 to Kill (HUM303/ HUM415)

I just received this email from  Green Apple Books:

Hi Sean!

If your students want to come into our main store at 506 Clement to pay for and pick up their copies, we will give them a 10% discount off of the $13.95 list price. I’ll have them up at the front counter and will let our staff know. Just have your students let us know that they are in your class at SFSU, and we’ll take care of them.
Thanks again!


This means that Jean-Patrick Manchette’s totally cool Situationist crime novel Three to Kill is now available at three locations:

City Lights Bookstore in North Beach

Green Apple Books in Inner Clement

and the rather lamentable bookstore on campus


A meaningless term improperly derived…. There is no such thing as situationism, which would mean a doctrine for interpreting existing conditions. The notion of situationism is obviously devised by antisituationists.


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