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Invisible Empire (HUM425)

This isn’t required, but for those of you who are interested in the relationship between image production and geopolitical power, here’s an essay by a major figure in the field of visual culture studies, Nicholas Mirzoeff: mirzoeff.invisible.empire. Note the title of his article. If you know your US American history then you’ll recognize it as a major provocation.

Mapping the Age of Empire (HUM303)

The link and images below may help you in reading Sherlock Holmes. It depends, I suppose, on the extent to which you pursue a Said-ian reading. Remember to think not only about socio-historical context— what is represented and left unrepresented– but also formal elements of detective fiction. What form does evidence take? What methods of “ratiocination” are in play? Are the narrative tactics described by Bennett (in Pyrhönen‘s essay) being utilized? (Can you remember what they are? You were asked about them on Thursday.)

Here’s a rough, historical and theoretical exposition of the concepts of imperialism and colonialism. These are basically lecture notes:


A map of the British Empire, 1907:


A  map of colonial empires around the world, 1910: