Where We’re At (HUM303)

Alright. We know where we’re at, right? If you recall, on Thursday we analyzed a couple of clips from American Gangster, and in the process a few key terms were introduced (mise-en-scene, characterization… can you think of any others?).

We also agreed that this Tuesday, 9/9, we’d focus our energies on working through most of the readings to date. We need to address Nealon and Giroux’s “History”; Hobsbawm’s “Age of Empire”; Said’s “Consolidated Vision” (part of a chapter from Culture and Imperialism) for sure– and it wouldn’t hurt to take a glance at Todorov and Worthington while we’re at it. Remember: you’ll be expected to write about 2 of these articles for your first essay which is due very soon.

So be prepared to work in small groups, engage in a whole-class discussion, and do a little writing.

Also, you might enjoy this: Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce in the 1939 film The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes based on a play by William Gillette adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories.