Today (HUM425)

I know we punched it today in class in an effort to cover a lot of material. For those of you dazed from the velocity here’s a recap:
1. Pop Quiz on a sentence from Mitchell’s “Image” (We need to discuss this on Thursday very briefly. I think of the Mitchell article as a kind of touchstone. When we have more “theory” experience his essay will seem more open to our understanding. In any case, we should at least know the significance of the figure in this article.)

2. We screened More, a short film by Mark Osbourne, and performed a somewhat chaotic but deeply (for me) interesting analysis of it. It’s very heartening to witness people step up. The thing is that everyone already has a BA in media by the time they arrive at university. All of us in the room have extensive experience with film texts. What we need to do is hone our critical intuition and also develop a critical vocabulary. The formal terms I introduced are a good start: low camera angle, iris shot, sound track, etc.
3. Some preliminary remarks on Hall’s Representation. Stuart Hall is interesting not just for his work in cultural studies and sociology but because he kicked in a lot of doors back in the 50s and 60s: a lower middle class kid from the West Indies works his way into a world class education in the UK and proceeds to challenge a very white, very Eurocentric academic status quo. This reading is CRUCIAL in my opinion and will form part of the foundation of Essay One.
4. And Essay One is due Sunday Sept. 7 at 8pm to ilearn. No hard copy necessary. Check the Paper Guidelines page of the blog to get a sense of what I’m looking for.

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