Aegyo (HUM415)

Remember that we’ve dropped Bourdieu and the reading assignment for Thursday is limited to Arundhati Roy’s “Capitalism: A Ghost Story.” Shades of Karl Marx! you might say. And that’s exactly right. The Manifesto begins with the famous assertion that “a spectre is haunting Europe” and Roy, who has spent time with Maoist guerrillas in the back country of India (see Walking with the Comrades) riffs on such metaphors.

We really need to nail down the Harvey and Hall articles, which more or less survey the same terrain, though “After Neoliberalism” is a political manifesto and A Brief History of Neoliberalism is a popular history of the last 30-odd years of capitalism. Try not to let yourself be intimidated by the language. You’ll run across terms that may not be familiar but we will definitely address any gaps in knowledge in class.

I really enjoyed the discussion about “Gee”. As we go more deeply into the (shallow?) pleasures of K-Pop those of you who have training (or a good ear) should never hesitate to draw the class’s attention to the music. And speaking of that, don’t forget to watch Channel 32-6 (or some cable equivalent) for an intermittent dose of Kpop.

The cultural value of cuteness is referred to in Korean as aegyo. Look at this:


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