She is Wow! (HUM415)


Above: an ad for a recent South Korean television series the title of which, it seems, translates to She is Wow! Obviously, Pelevin comes to mind (“Wow!Wow!Wow!”) but there’s also a Kpop connection here. A-Ra (Oh Hyun-Kyung)– an actress reaching middle age– has a blandly androgynous son named Min-Kyu (Jin Young, a member of B1A4) who has been expelled from school in the United States. This crisis adds to A-Ra’s existing difficulties: her career is suffering because of her age (she’s 43, which is, like, 89 in actress years) and she hasn’t had sex with her self-absorbed husband in a decade or more. Such professional and sexual frustration, then, is the main ingredient for a moderately amusing farce rife with visual and verbal innuendo, one which also showcases the instrumentalization of human relations and the rapacity of the pop culture industry. Watch the first episode and you’ll see what I mean.