Extra: The Stuart Hall Project (HUM425)

Those of you who watched The Stuart Hall Project are eligible for an extra credit assignment. The format should be consistent with the requirements outlined on the Paper Guidelines page. Required length: 2-3 pages. Due date: 2/25 would be best. 3/4 is acceptable. Hard and e-copies. Here is the prompt:

The Stuart Hall Project is not simply a biographical film, nor even a “straight” documentary, given its emphasis on historical context and its formal choices.

Discuss the visual style of The Stuart Hall Project, specifically the film’s use of images– their juxtaposition, their rhythm, the creation of visual motifs– in establishing the narrative of the subject’s (Stuart Hall’s) life.

It may be useful to consult Gibbs’s Mise-en-Scene and the Yale Film Analysis Guide (see the course information page).

You can approach this assignment globally by making general observations backed up by specific textual evidence, or you can focus on a single sequence or aspect of the The Stuart Hall Project and attempt to relate it to the film as a whole.

Any questions? Please address them to the comments section of this post.

2 thoughts on “Extra: The Stuart Hall Project (HUM425)

    1. apciv Post author

      Excellent question. At our next class meeting would be optimum. However, I’ll accept them until 3/4. Remember that I’ll need two versions of the assignment: a hard copy in my hand and an ecopy to ilearn.


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