Left overs (HUM303)

A few things I neglected to mention in today’s class:

1. It’s important to check in to this blog from time to time. The easiest way to stay abreast of course-related matters is to “follow” the blog for the remainder of the semester. I will always tag posts that are directed at HUM303 students. You need pay attention only to those posts with (HUM303) in the title.

2. We didn’t talk about the soundtrack of the robbery sequence from Killing Them Softly. There are elements of what seem to be diegetic sound in the card room which lend a broader significance to the events that transpire there. Can you guess what they are?

3. Note the formal terms used in class: sound bridge, framing, hand-held camera, shot, sequence, p.o.v. Begin to build your film analysis vocabulary. Consult the Yale Film Analysis Website.

4. Finally, remember that your passport is due on Wednesday. Consult the course information page (303 tab at the top of this page)  and the questionnaire page to complete that assignment.

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