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Muslim Spain (HUM510)

Clearly the documentary we screened on Thursday was inadequate, but I don’t think watching it was a total loss because it can prompt us to think about what a truly informative, insightful, and interesting account of al-Andalus might look like. If we were the makers of this film what content would we include and how would we present it? Would we want talking-head interviews? A thorough treatment of Moorish architecture? Excerpts from Andalusian histories or chronicles read by actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company? Dramatic re-enactments of the surrender of Granada?

Sources/ Turnitin (HUM303/415/510)

In case you missed it:

1. In addition to the primary source(s) and any of the assigned readings you might use, you’re required to consult 3 secondary sources. If you do not place these sources on your Works Cited page then put them on a Works Consulted page.

2. Here’s the difference between primary and secondary sources:

3. Papers should be turned in at the beginning of class on Thursday Oct. 17 (hard copy) and uploaded to by 5 pm the same day (e-copy).

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