Screen Films (415)

This weekend is a good time to begin to screen some of the films on the course filmography. A major goal of Crime and System is to explore the different forms that crime fiction narratives take. This is the reason I assigned a chapter from Sara Benyahia’s Crime. It’s also my motive for placing Yale University’s Film Analysis Guide on the course information page. I want you to begin to develop a critical vocabulary that will enable you to analyze and interpret film-texts as narratives. This will be a key component of the papers that you write for this class. So, here is my advice. Look over the filmography. Look up titles that seem intriguing. Go beyond the usual Hollywood product and seek out films from other countries. You may want to consult IMDB or MRQE. I don’t think it’s too much to expect that over the next 13 weeks you watch (as a bare minimum) 3 or 4 films.