One thought on “America’s Not a Country (HUM415)

  1. Bob

    Florida Historical Society
    Today in Florida History!
    1944 – September 1: The City of Miami Police Department swore in 5 black men as Miami’s first black police officers and the first permanent black officers in the south. They were: Ralph White, Moody Hall, Clyde Lee, Edward Kimball and John Milledge. These pioneering men, however, were not referred to as “officers” as were their White counterparts, but instead, as “patrolmen.” These patrolmen were assigned to the “Central Negro District,” an area that included parts of Liberty City and Colored Town (Overtown). The patrolmen were allowed to arrest only African-Americans, and had no authority over Whites. There was no job security or retirement benefits, as the patrolmen were not classified as civil service personnel as were their White counterparts. Two years later, the number of Black patrolmen had grown to 18 and these patrolmen became the charter members of the MCPBA (then the Miami Colored Police Benevolent Association, now the Miami Community Police Benevolent Association).

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