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Crime (HUM415)

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

crime, n.

Pronunciation:  Brit. /krʌɪm/ , U.S. /kraɪm/
Forms:  ME crym, ME–16 cryme, ME– crimeSc. pre-17 chryme, pre-17 17 cryme, pre-17 17– crime.
Etymology:  < Anglo-Norman and Old French, Middle French crime (French crime ) sin, wrongdoing, criminal act (12th cent.; in Middle French also accusation (15th cent.)) < classical Latin crīmen charge, accusation, matter for accusation or blame, reproach, offence, misdeed, in post-classical Latin also sin (late 2nd or early 3rd cent. in Tertullian) < the base of cernere cern v.1 + -men (see -ment suffix). Compare Old Occitan crim, Catalan crim (13th cent.), Spanish crimen (13th cent.), †crim (14th cent.), Portuguese crime (13th cent.), Italian crimine (a1306).