“no money in a money world” (HUM415)

Here’s a poem by Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) Beatnik fellow-traveler, co-founder of the Black Arts Movement, and all around cultural provocateur. I borrowed the phrase “no money in a money world” from him during lecture yesterday.


A New Reality Is Better Than a New Movie!


How will it go, crumbling earthquake, towering inferno, juggernaut, volcano,


in reality, other than the feverish nearreal fantasy of the capitalist flunky film hacks

tho they sense its reality breathing a quake inferno scar on their throat even snorts of

100% pure cocaine cant cancel the cold cut of impending death to this society. On all


screens of america, the joint blows up every hour and a half for two dollars an fifty


They have taken the niggers out to lunch, for a minute, made us partners nigger Charlie) or

surrogates (boss nigger) for their horror. But just as superafrikan mobutu cannot


ardskinhat his

way out of responsibility for lumumba’s death, nor even with his incredible billions


cannot even save his pale ho’s titties in the crushing weight of

things as they really are.

How will it go, does it reach you, getting up, sitting on the side

of the bed, getting ready to go to work.   Hypnotized by the ma-

chine, and the cement floor, the jungle treachery of


to survive with no money in a money world, of making the boss

100,000 for every 200


you get, and then having his brother get you for the rent, and if

you want to buy the car


helped build, your downpayment paid for it, the rest goes to buy

his old lady a foam


rhinestone set of boobies for special occasions when kissinger

drunkenly fumbles with her blouse, forgetting himself.

If you don’t like it, what you gonna do about it. That was the

question we asked each

other, &

still right regularly need to ask. You don’t like it? Whatcha

gonna do, about it??

The real terror of nature is humanity enraged, the true

technicolor spectacle that


cant record. They cant even show you how you look when you

go to work, or when you

come back.

They cant even show you thinking or demanding the new so-

cialist reality, its the ultimate


wave. When all over the planet, men and women, with heat in

their hands, demand that


be planned to include the lives and self determination of all the

people ever to live. That is the scalding scenario with a cast of

just under two billion that they dare not even whisper. Its called,

“We Want It All . . . The Whole World!”

Amiri Baraka, “A New Reality Is Better Than a New Movie!” from Transbluesency: The Selected Poems of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones, 1961-1995 (New York: Marsilio

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  1. Michele D'Acosta

    Thank you for this timely reminder of the great work of Amiri Baraka. I just across your blog and very much look forward to following you. You’ve opened my eyes today. Peace and blessings. Michele

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