Contemporary Film (HUM415)

Many of these films already appear in the filmography on the course information page. I thought I’d draw them to the attention of those who are choosing to pursue “example 3” for their papers. Most of them explicitly address issues of economy and/or capitalism. Titles with an asterix (*) are also dystopian films.

30 Frames a Second (US 2000) doc

Arrivederci Amore, Ciao (Italy 2006)

Blind Shaft (China 2003)

*The Bothersome Man (Norway 2006)

The Charcoal People (Brazil 2000) doc

*Children of Men (US 2006)

Children of the Pyre (India 2008) doc

Confessions of a Shopaholic (US 2009)

Dirty Pretty Things (UK 2002)

District 9 (South Africa 2009)

The Edge of Heaven (Ger./Turkey 2007)

Encirclement: Neoliberalism Ensnares Democracy (France 2008) doc

The End of Poverty? (France 2008) doc

eXistenZ (Canada 1999)

*Gattaca (US 1997)

*The Girl from Monday (US 2005)

Gomorrah (Italy 2008)

Heartbeat Detector (France 2007)

*Hell (Germany 2011)

The Housemaid (South Korea 2011)

How to Get Ahead in Advertising (UK 1989)

*Immortal (Italy 2004)

Last Train Home (China 2009) doc

Life and Debt (US/ Jamaica 2001) doc

Life Without Principle (China 2011) 

The Man from Beijing (Germany 2011)

Margin Call (US 2011)

*Metropia (Sweden 2009)

Michael Clayton (US 2007)

My Joy (Russia 2010)

Senorita Extraviada (US 2001) doc

*Sleep Dealer (Mexico 2008)

Tycoon: A New Russian (Russia 2002)

Viva Riva (Congo 2010)