3 thoughts on “After Neoliberalism (HUM415)

  1. Arian

    Hi Professor,

    You may already know of this source, but here’s a growing collection of full texts: http://simongros.com/text/books/ The Zizek, Ranciere, Lacan, Jameson, and Badiou offerings are extensive. Also, there’s a plethora of entire theory and criticism books on scribd.com you can download in the free month trial.

    Hope some of this bolsters your already strong curriculum.

      1. voltarian

        Hey! Nothing too big, except I got accepted to four graduate schools: SFSU, St. John’s Graduate Institute, The European Graduate School, and SUNY at Buffalo. I accepted the U at Buffalo offer to study in their MA in Comparative Literature with an emphasis in Psychoanalysis. Since our class I never got over the Lacanians (move over Derrida!) and now I’ll be at the US center of American Lacanism (or is it Lacanianism?) to try to cozy up to Joan Copjec. I’m thinking after my PhD I should be masterful enough to enter “the fold,” but we’ll see. If I don’t get accepted to a PhD program after my time in the Masters program, I’m thinking of serving the public to get my loans forgiven…But how are you? Closing in on the dissertation’s finish line? Btw, I’m thinking of swinging by State before the semester’s over; would it be possible if we caught up over coffee? Can I e-mail your class e-mail account details should the event steady?

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