Richter Slide (HUM425)

This clever person, youtube pseudonym Opheliia, has created a video of the paintings with music:

2 thoughts on “Richter Slide (HUM425)

  1. Ana Doria-Quesada

    I tried but I could not watch it today. Just too hard in view of what has happened in Boston.

  2. Ana Doria-Quesada

    I finally watched it in its entirety. The music is so strong it overpowers and enhances the images at the same time. Really hard to watch. It made me think about another more recent post of yours on the McGurk Effect : what we hear influences what we see. This is obviously used in cinema but what is more interesting is how it happens all the time in media. The same images can change what you think or believe depending on how they are presented by the narrator. In this way, a terrorist attack can be seen as political violence against a tyrannical regime or as an act of violence against society and its innocent citizens. So what we hear in connection to what we see can change our ideology. It is a powerful tool which can be used to influence people. Hittler used it for propaganda.

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