“Loaded for Bear” (HUM415/ HUM425)

Here’s a PAC ad for Sarah Palin that I thought might be worth analyzing in terms of its ideological content and its formal elements:

Questions to consider might be:

1. What is this an ad for?

2. Is it successful?

3. How does it use of formal elements (ex. the rhythm of cuts, voice overs, soundtrack, camera movement, montage) contribute to that success?

4. Is there a “symptomatic” reading of this ad that can tell us something about the relationship between media, entertainment, Barthesean “myth”, and politics ?

For added context, consider an earlier political ad from the 2008 campaign, “Together”:

Finally, if you haven’t lost interest, compare the last ad with one from the Obama campaign, “One Day to Change the World”:

Have you seen these audio-visual moves before? What does it remind you of?





4 thoughts on ““Loaded for Bear” (HUM415/ HUM425)

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