Daily Archives: February 15, 2013

Paper One (HUM303/ HUM415/ HUM425/ HUM470)

By Monday evening I will have paper prompts posted for 303, 415, 425, and 470. Heads up: the prompt will not be narrowly circumscribed, but will leave room for the writer to develop her own scholarly perspective based on 1) key concepts 2) primary texts 3) socio-historical context and/or 4) formal analysis. Using the critical vocabulary we’ve been building since the first day of class, the writer will be expected to analyze one or more texts in light of the “project” of the course (see the relevant course information page).

If you are motivated to do so, please send me an email expressing your preliminary thoughts, interests, possible focus, etc. In any case, I strongly advise you to begin the writing process. This may mean reading those assignments you might have missed. Having a discussion with a classmate about key concepts. Sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen and simply listing ideas or impressions pertinent to the course. The earlier you begin the process, the more developed your final product will be. Remember: the 1st paper constitutes one-fifth of your final grade. Any questions? Please direct them to the comments field of this post.

Self-Portrait in Pajamas, Priory Hospital (HUM470)

I’ve been prone to thinking visually so far this semester, largely because I’m teaching HUM 425: Thought and Image. With that in mind, it occurs to me that while we’ve been discussing Life Narrative we haven’t spent much time on the image as a means of self-representation. Some images are narrative– most obviously multiple images in sequence, as with a graphic novel. The core elements of narrative are time, event, and actor(s)– i.e., things happen. What do we do then with an image such as “Self-Portrait in Pajamas, Priory Hospital” (2002) by US American photographer Nan Goldin? Is there an autobiographical story here?