LAC (HUM303/HUM415/HUM425/HUM470)

Learning Assistance Center
PHONE:  338-1993
HOURS:  M-TH 9-4
We offer the following services:
1. Weekly, scheduled tutoring sessions
This type of session is best for students who need to develop their reading, writing, math, and study skills in order to pass a class, or students who have low GPAs or are on probation. We often form groups of students from the same class.
When referring a student, it is helpful (but not required) to fill out a referral form describing the specific skills or areas the student needs to work on. The student may then bring the completed referral form to the center. Referral forms are available to download at
2. One-Time, scheduled tutoring
These 50-minute tutoring sessions can be reserved ahead of time for the same week. One-time sessions work best for students who have specific questions or need occasional support.
3. Same-Day tutoring
Students who have filled out a registration form and completed the LAC intake process for Spring 2013 can call or drop by to meet with a tutor that same day. Same-day sessions are available every hour and can be reserved starting at 9:00 on the same day.  Schedules are available in HSS 348.
4. Computer lab access
The LAC Learning/Computer Lab, in HSS 345, is open Monday through Thursday 9-4 and is staffed by tutors.  The Learning/Computer Lab will open for the Spring 2013 semester on Monday, February 11th.
5. Information about other campus tutoring services
The LAC web site ( offers information about most tutoring opportunities on campus, including departmental tutoring and other academic support programs. This information is updated regularly.  If you know of any tutoring within your department that isn’t already on our website, please contact us so that we may add this service to our referral list.