Changing Same (HUM415)

I realize that on Thursday I said I might be tweaking the reading schedule given the fact that so few of the class had actually made their way through the Hall chapter. Against all common sense, I’ve decided to keep the schedule intact with some minor changes, primarily because the work we do in the next few weeks is absolutely integral to the first paper, which is now due Tuesday Mar. 5th. This week won’t change. The last class of Week Four and the first class of Week Five, however, will be lighter in terms of reading, as we’ll be focusing solely on Havoc, In Its Third Year. Also, and this is crucial, the assignment under a given date indicates what is due for the NEXT class meeting. Any questions? Please address them to the comment section of this post.

2 thoughts on “Changing Same (HUM415)

  1. Ana Doria-Quesada

    What is the subject of the first paper so I can start working on it, please? As working adult, it is helpful to know what to expect. I am having trouble just keeping up with the reading. This is not the only class with a heavy reading load I am taking, so if you could give us a heads up regarding the paper, it would be most appreciated. I could use the weekend to start on it.
    Thank you,
    Ana Doria-Quesada

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