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Taking K-Pop Seriously (HUM415)

From Al Jazeera, an interesting discussion about what we could call the cultural logic of K-pop:

From a Call for Papers:

Aside from the tension between producers and consumers, K-pop has enjoyed a
long, unperturbed honeymoon with capital and state power. Since the late
1990s, when entertainment business en bloc was designated as a strategic
industry for South Korea, the K-pop enterprise has been a faithful ally to
the reign of capital, commodity, fame and nationalist ideology. More often
than not, K-pop industry would act as a cheerleader for various state and
market affairs in exchange for policy support from various state bureaus
and lavish underwritings from conglomerates like Samsung and LG, IT
behemoths seeking to cash in on the soaring value of the nation’s cultural
capital. Complicit with this state-corporate joint maneuver are ordinary
citizens, intellectuals, artists, and mainstream media, whose postcolonial
aspiration to see the nation exit from cultural obscurity hazardously
awakens nationalist urges intrinsic to the state and capital-led
Hallyu/K-pop campaign.