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Final Grades (HUM303/415/455/470)

Some of you have noticed that the ilearn grades are off. I am still working with IT to resolve this problem. In the meantime, I can show you how your final grades are calculated.

20% midterm: your score multiplied by .2  (ex. 85 x .2  = 17)
20% classwork: the sum of all your quiz scores/ class assignments divided by the highest total score possible and multiplied by .2  (ex. 6 + 8 + 8 + 10 + 0 + 9 = 41. 41 divided by 60 = .68 x .2 = 13.67)
25% final paper: your score times .25 (ex. 90 x .25= 22.5)
25% final exam: your score times .25 (ex. 75 x .25= 18.75)
10% attendance: pass/fail. fail equals zero. pass equals 100. this score multiplied by .1 (ex. 100 x .1 = 10)

= final score (ex. 81.92, rounded up to 82 or B-)

+ extra credit (2 chances, 0-2 points added for each to overall score)

example: 82 +1 +2 = 85 or B

Format/ A Challenge (HUM303/415/455/470)

Just a reminder. Papers should be in MLA format. See

I also want to urge writers to avoid the term “lifestyle” in their papers. This is not an arbitrary request. “Lifestyle” is less of a critical concept than a kind of placeholder for a vague idea, a non-concept derived from the marketing vocabulary of consumer “choice.” By avoiding this term I think writers will be impelled to think more deeply about what it is they are attempting to analyze.

T/Th Final Papers (HUM303/455)

The deadline for the final paper has changed for HUM303 and HUM455. The new due date is 5 pm Monday Dec. 17. Slide a hardcopy under my office door and submit an e-copy to No late submissions will be accepted. Students must turn in BOTH copies to receive full credit. If you have any questions about the assignment please address them to the comments section of this post.