HUM455 Final Exam Prompts

Respond to 8 of the 10  following prompts in your own language, establishing connections between ideas and themes when possible.

1. Señor Danger

2. the Valley of Flames

3. “History is ours and the People make it.”

4. Tres Marias

5. “With a stroke of the pen, the military changed world history, erasing every incident, ideology, and historical figure of which the regime disapproved.”

6. “the improbable and the mundane”

7. the Invisible People

8. “The centaur is an entelechy. He’s been galloping through this land for a century and he will be for centuries more.”

9. Pancha

10. “Several races had met in this woman: Indian in the hair and cheekbones, Mediterranean in brow and nose, Negro in the heavy shoulders and the breadth of hips…. There was no question but that this living sum of races had an aristocracy of her own.”