HUM303 Final Exam Prompts

Respond to 8 of the 10  following prompts in your own language, establishing connections between ideas and themes when possible.

1. the Bloody Assizes

2. Mouche

3. ifunanya

4. “The jungle is the world of deceit, subterfuge, duplicity; everything there is a disguise, stratagem, artifice, metamorphosis. The world of the lizard-cucumber, the chestnut-hedgehog, the cocoon-centipede, the carrot-larva, the electric fish that electrocutes from the dregs of slime.”

5. genre

6. eleventh year rite

7. the Invisible People

8. Arabella

9. “Dear friends, are you afraid of death?”

10. “”…a volume printed on cheap paper, pure trash, its gaudy cover displaying a woman covered with a bearskin or something that resembled it, in the arms of a splendid knight at the entrance of a cave, while a gazelle looked on benignly….”