14 thoughts on “Final Text (HUM415)

  1. Stanley Kalt

    With the last three weeks upon us, we might want to spend more time in class going over the final paper. I started reading the novel last night and I realized I might have difficulties finishing this novel, two articles, writing an “A” quality paper (which I feel I may not have the aptitude to accomplish such a feat), and studying enough to earn an “A” on the final. Then again, I haven’t been an “A” student since high school.

    Syntax has never been favorite bill collector.

  2. Joel Schwartz

    First off, I want to mention that I plan on reading this book regardless of whether we do so for class or I do later on my own time. Then I want to talk about my own time and say that I have 25 books this semester, two part-time jobs and seven essays due in the next two weeks. It’s not that I find this book uninteresting, it’s that I really don’t have the time to add another book to my list during finals. Also, I think the class would benefit from continued discussion on topics we’ve already discussed rather than confusing new material with the old and trying to hastily tie it all together in our last session.

    -Joel Schwartz

  3. victoria

    I think we should not be required to read the book. It is so close to the end of the semester when all of my classes seem to be giving me more work in the last few weeks then I have had all semester. If the book wasn’t so long I would have no problem reading it but for the short amount of time we have it would be difficult to finish up the book. Even if I were to find time to read the book I would most like speed through it since I do have a lot of work to get done. I think our time would be better used going back over the other readings that we have done already since it seems like we’ve barley discussed and we have not got as in depth into them as I thought we would.

  4. Peter Sousa

    As i stated in the other comments area of the HUM 415-02 section of this blog, I think we should not read “The Windup Girl” for the final as there simply isn’t enough time to give it the space and thought it no doubt deserves. This is the first time I’ve ever voted against the reading of a book and while it’s a terrible Nazi-like feeling I feel strongly that it’s not a good idea. However,I think everyone should read it on their own time as they most likely already bought the book and it’s a great novel. To be clear: thumb down on reading another text prior to the end of class. Thank you for listening and providing this Democratic process for feedback.

  5. Emilia Rosales

    I started reading “The Windup Girl” and found it quite confusing. The author uses many words I don’t understand and words from a different lanuage. The pages, chapters and the book as a whole, is quite long. With only a few more weeks of the semester, I need all the time I can get to work on the 7-10 page paper we are required to write. With the amount of research, time and effort required to recieve an “A” on the final paper, I don’t think it would be fair to ask us to read yet another novel.

  6. Tim Niven

    I do not think we should read The Windup GIrl. The text of the book is a little too much, and with our final exam and paper coming up, I feel that focusing our energy to those assignments will benefit us more. Rediscussing and re-analyzing the information we already have at hand is a better idea. All the other books have been great and beneficial, but with the short amount of time we have, adding another book to our list would be detrimental, since the discussion for it would me very minimal.

  7. Justin Jercha

    Unfortunately, there really just isn’t enough time to get through “The Windup Girl” , the final paper, prepare for the final, AND all my other projects for other classes. I vote we pass on reading “The Windup Girl”. I have my copy, and it will get read (not a fan of selling my books back to the bookstore) but there just isn’t enough time before finals…

  8. April Alimadadian

    I am very excited to read “The Windup Girl”, however, I would like to read this book after finals. I agree with Joel that we should go over previous texts because some of the lastest ones didn’t get the discussion these books deserve. I feel like we have a lot of different concepts that could and should still be explored within the last few days of this course. Also, this “extra” time will be well spent toward writing the paper. Since this is this most critical writing of the course, I personally would love to focus my energy on that. Thank you for your time.
    -April Alimadadian

  9. Michelle Sarginson

    I don’t think we should read “The Windup Girl”. There is not enough time to read another novel, write the final paper, prepare for the final exam and actually go over The White Tiger.

  10. Raquele Crotti

    I also stated this in the other comment box before.. But although “The Windup Girl” seems very interesting, the timing for reading it couldn’t be at a more inconvenient time. We are all working on our final papers and studying all the time right now. I feel confident that there are enough texts to refer to when writing the final paper and completing the final exam. I am anxious to have enough time to read it over Winter break.

  11. Chris Kreuzer

    I’m for not reading this novel. I would much rather read it on my own time and have time to enjoy it rather than rushing through it while thinking of all the other assignments i have due in the next coming weeks. I think the time would be better spent polishing up the final essay and studying for the final.

  12. Irene Linares

    I don’t think we have enough time to dig into The Windup Girl. Although I’m curious about how the book fits into what we’ve been discussing this semester, I’m afraid we don’t have the time to delve.


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