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Topic Criteria (HUM303/415/455/470)

Here are the questions used for topic workshops. I recommend that you use them to verify the viability of your topic.

1. Does the topic indicate knowledge of/ fluency with some of the course themes and critical concepts? (Note: not a vague understanding or casual usage of these things, but a clear understanding.)

2. Does the writer have a clear idea of what they intend to write about? Is the topic specific and on point or full of vague generalities?

3. Is there an explicit indication of what kind of FORMAL ANALYSIS/ IDEOLOGICAL ANALYSIS/ SOCIO-HISTORICAL CONTEXTUALIZATION will be deployed in the essay?

4. Do the ideas discussed in the topic (ARE ideas discussed in the topic?) seem coherent/ informed/ imaginative?

5. Are the secondary sources “legitimate”?

6. Is this a viable topic?