Auto/Biographical Film (HUM470)

Virtually all of these films are available as instant view on netflix.


Double Take

Unforgivable Blackness

Grizzly Man

Incident at Oglala

The Thin Red Line

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Into the Abyss

Grey Gardens

Sherman’s March


I Like Killing Flies

Ishi, the Last Yahi

In the Mirror of Maya Deren

Fog of War

Some Kind of Monster

Mayor of Sunset Strip

Harlan County, USA

The Eyes of Tammy Faye


If a Tree Falls


Capturing the Friedmans

Feature films:

I Shot Andy Warhol


The Great Ziegfield

Raging Bull



I’m Not There

American Gangster

The New World



When We Were Kings

Boys Don’t Cry

Donnie Brasco

Malcolm X

Henry and June

A Coal Miner’s Daughter


Casino Jack

Julie and Julia

Kill the Irishman

The Red Violin


Mildred Pierce

Thousand Pieces of Gold

The Assassination of Jesse James

The House of Mirth

4 thoughts on “Auto/Biographical Film (HUM470)

  1. Kelsey

    Are we linking one of these to a concept we’ve discussed in class for extra credit? And how long do you prefer it to be?


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