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Review (HUM303)

All of the fiction we’ve read so far has linked adventure to imperialism: “The Purple Terror,” The Last of the Mohicans, and King Solomon’s Mines. Immediately, this connection brings to mind Martin Green’s statement that “adventure is the energizing myth of empire.” Thus far we haven’t explored political theories of colonialism, though it might be helpful to look at the following post to get a sense of what that term– and its related concepts– actually mean:


For now, we can use the term to designate when one nation exercises rule over another, whether militarily or economically. LM is set in a world where two imperial powers are vying for control of indigenous lands. KSM, on the other hand, while it clearly addresses the issue of empire in Africa, complicates this scenario. Consider, for example, Ignosi’s anti-colonial pledge to keep whites from Kukuanaland, for example.

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