Take home assignment (HUM470)

If your name appears below OR FALLS ALPHABETICALLY BETWEEN THE TWO NAMES then the chapters listed are your responsibility. See the last post for HUM470 for the details of the assignment. Due date: Oct. 1. Any questions? Please address them to this post.

1. Ali- Barnett: Chapters 1-6

2. Bingham-Bullard: Chapters 6-11

3. Chen-Copetti: Chapters 11-16

4. Daryanani- Fetsch: Chapters 16-21

5. Gaza-Huiberts: Chs. 21-26

6. Kline-Nakamura: Chs. 26-31

7. Nourse-Roberts: Chs. 31-36

8. Sarginson-Tisell: Chs. 36-41

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