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Los Nin: Kichwa (Quechua) Meets Hip Hop (HUM455)

See Manuela Picq’s article  http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2012/08/201285142554706344.html :

Kichwa grammar and vocabulary opens spaces for new imaginaries, concepts and even relationships. There is no gender in Kichwa grammar, for instance, nor is there a difference between object and subject, key grammatical components in Romance languages that enable the dichotomies man/woman and man/nature respectively. The word “pacha” reveals the extent to which time and space intertwine, and the structure of sentences escapes the propositional attitudes organised around the self, the “I” that in English defines relations between people and their surroundings.

Language shapes the collective imagination. It shapes the way we inhabit our world. To rap in Kichwa unlocks the intellectual subordination to the Spanish language to enable a Kichwa imagination to free itself from western philosophy. Indigenous languages that are reduced to use in private spheres die slowly. The philosophies they encompass will fully blossom only if engaged in public realms, contributing new grammars to political debates. Hip-hop is a tool to strengthen the public use of such indigenous grammars.

When hip-hop goes Kichwa, indigenous ways of inhabiting the world become imaginable. More and different worlds interact to shape the future.