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The Last of the Mohicans (HUM303/455)

The 1920 silent version of The Last of the Mohicans, directed by Maurice Tourneur, is available at the internet archive: http://archive.org/details/last_of_the_mohicans_1920


The 1936 (sound) version of the film is available on youtube:

As is the 1992 version (with Arabic subtitles):

Note that all of these films diverge significantly from JF Cooper’s novel and are in no way a substitute for your reading.

Quebec Student Movement (HUM415)

Someone in class asked about the outcome of the student movement in Quebec. Here’s an opinion piece at the Guardian by Richard Seymour on the influence of that movement on recent provincial elections:

So this is how it’s done. Students in Quebec, in rebellion against their government over tuition fees, have scored an amazing victory in the province’s general elections.

The Liberal government led by Jean Charest, which ran on a law-and-order platform against the students, has been defeated. Its plans to implement an 82% tuition fee increase are shredded for now, and the harsh emergency legislation it passed to quell the upsurge is history. Charest is resigning from politics.

The LAC is Open

Learning Assistance Center
PHONE:  338-1993
EMAIL:  lac@sfsu.edu
HOURS:  M-TH 9-4
WEB SITE:  http://www.sfsu.edu/~lac
We offer the following services:
1. Weekly, scheduled tutoring sessions
This type of session is best for students who need to develop their reading, writing, math, and study skills in order to pass a class, or students who have low GPAs or are on probation. We often form groups of students from the same class.
2. One-Time, scheduled tutoring
These 50-minute tutoring sessions can be reserved ahead of time for the same week. One-time sessions work best for students who have specific questions or need occasional support.
3. Same-Day tutoring
Students who have filled out a registration form and completed the LAC intake process for Spring 2012 can call or drop by to meet with a tutor that same day. Same-day sessions are available every hour and can be reserved starting at 9:00 on the same day.  Schedules are available in HSS 348.
4. Computer lab access
The LAC Learning/Computer Lab, in HSS 345, is open Monday through Thursday 9-4 and is staffed by tutors.  The Learning/Computer Lab will open for the Fall 2012 semester on Monday, September 17th.
For information on tutoring services offered by the Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP), go to http://www.sfsu.edu/~carp1.