Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Biographical Rhetoric (HUM470)

As with many political speeches, Obama’s acceptance of the democratic party’s nomination for president makes rhetorical use of life narrative. Consider the following:

I’m hopeful because of you.

The young woman I met at a science fair who won national recognition for her biology research while living with her family at a homeless shelter — she gives me hope. (Cheers, applause.)

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Alexander Saxton (1919-2012)

September 1, 2012
From the NY Times, an obituary for Alexander Saxton:

Alexander Saxton, who would go on to become a prominent historian of race in America, summed himself up in a blurb on the dust jacket of his first novel, “Grand Crossing,” published when he was 24.

“At various times,” he said, he had worked as “a harvest hand, construction gang laborer, engine-wiper, freight brakeman, architectural apprentice, assistant to the assistant editor” of a union newspaper, railroad switchman and columnist for The Daily Worker.

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Shakespeare in the Park

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival is presenting Henry V this season. Here’s the schedule:

The Presidio’s Main Post
Parade Ground Lawn (between Graham St & Keyes Ave)

– Saturday, Sept 1
– Sunday, Sept 2

– Monday, Sept 3 (Labor Day)
– Saturday, Sept 8 
– Sunday, Sept 9
– Saturday, Sept 15
– Sunday, Sept 16
– Saturday, Sept 22
– Sunday, Sept 23

All shows at 2:00 pm

Students of HUM303 might take the opportunity to watch it. In an earlier version of our syllabus Henry V was the first text we were to read. Any student (from HUM415/455/470/303) who attends and writes up a short reflection/review on the performance can rack up a little extra credit.