Final Papers (HUM225/HUM455/HUM470)

The guidelines for the final papers are the same as those for the first assignment. The password and id # for are also the same. The deadline for submitting an e-copy to turnitin is 5 pm, Thursday May 17. Remember: submitting an e-copy is part of the assignment.

Fair warning: papers that do not meet the format will not be accepted. Consult the relevant course information page to see the format requirements.

A good paper will demonstrate an intelligent and informed engagement with the prompt. It will have few if any errors of grammar and diction. Recall that your final paper constitutes 20% or one-fifth of your final grade.

At present I’m back-logged with requests to read paper drafts. I will make a conscientious effort to answer as many emails as possible. Odds are, however, that I won’t be able to offer an exhaustive list of comments. I strongly advise that you draft your paper at least twice. The best bet, of course, would be to consult a writing tutor, but at this late date it seems unlikely that the LAC will have openings. (Still, it never hurts to try).