Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

Magic Trip (HUM470)

We didn’t have the opportunity to screen this documentary, but if you’re going to write about Prime Green you might consult Magic Trip. It’s streaming on netflix at present.

Recall as well that there is a PBS documentary on Emma Goldman, An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman:

Finally, a few words about affect. In terms of psychology and related fields, affect is used to indicate non-cognitive facets of human behavior, in particular the emotions. Traditionally affect has been defined in opposition to the rational faculties and has been characterized by its subjective qualities. As such affect includes things like feelings, moods, motivations, drives, intuitions, and instincts. Thus affect is not synonymous with emotion but emotions are one form of affect. We’ve been using the term affect not to account for our own readerly responses to the texts under discussion but to think about the narratives themselves. There is a pronounced affect to Emma Goldman’s radical politics, for example. Consider her empathetic response to the Haymarket martyrs.