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Syllabus Review (HUM225/455/470)


It’s expected that students will arrive on time having completed the assigned work and in possession of the appropriate text for the class meeting. With the exception of the midterm and in-class work, all assignments should be typed with name/date/course. Turn off all electronic devices. In the interests of basic courtesy, please do not text, sleep, or surf in class.

Academically Adrift

In a recent column at counterpunch Alexander Cockburn referenced a study titled Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses which was published about a year ago. The conclusions reached by this study were alarming. Consider the following from a review posted on Inside Higher Education:

“How much are students actually learning in contemporary higher education? The answer for many undergraduates, we have concluded, is not much,” write the authors, Richard Arum, professor of sociology and education at New York University, and Josipa Roksa, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Virginia. For many undergraduates, they write, “drifting through college without a clear sense of purpose is readily apparent.”

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