Was not Christ crucified? (HUM470)

Here’s the transcript for Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property:


University of North Carolina’s Documenting the American South webpage, which includes a collection of first person narratives: docsouth.

Recall that one of the questions to consider is how the Burnett fulfills his project in terms of methods and techniques. What are the formal elements of this film narrative and how do they work?

On Tuesday we’ll talk about Douglass, Turner, and, I hope, Blues music. Regarding the latter, the Fred Hay article is brief, direct, and informative.

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    Here’s a scene from one of my favorite films, Ghost World (Directed by Terry Zwigoff, 2001.) Watch Enid listening to Devil Got My Woman for the first time, it’s a great scene, really catches the protagonist and audience off guard, the song has that effect.

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