Life Narrative (HUM470)

I was going through your questionnaires looking for musical advice and selected a few of the artists mentioned. First, a remarkable clip of Billie Holiday singing Travelin’ Light:

The Temptations’ Papa Was a Rolling Stone:

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing:

Your assignment for Tuesday (in addition to the required readings on they syllabus): send me a song (and lyrics) from youtube that you feel qualifies as a life narrative. It has to be “American.” Submit as a comment to this post by Monday evening @8 pm.

10 thoughts on “Life Narrative (HUM470)

  1. Paula

    Such a great clip of Billie. She did so much with her limited vocal range, keeping her singing interesting and just timeless.

    1. Paula

      Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen [ ]

      Is this the real life-
      Is this just fantasy-
      Caught in a landslide-
      No escape from reality-
      Open your eyes
      Look up to the skies and see-
      Im just a poor boy,i need no sympathy-
      Because Im easy come,easy go,
      A little high,little low,
      Anyway the wind blows,doesnt really matter to me,
      To me

      Mama,just killed a man,
      Put a gun against his head,
      Pulled my trigger,now hes dead,
      Mama,life had just begun,
      But now Ive gone and thrown it all away-
      Mama ooo,
      Didnt mean to make you cry-
      If Im not back again this time tomorrow-
      Carry on,carry on,as if nothing really matters-

      Too late,my time has come,
      Sends shivers down my spine-
      Bodys aching all the time,
      Goodbye everybody-Ive got to go-
      Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth-
      Mama ooo- (any way the wind blows)
      I dont want to die,
      I sometimes wish Id never been born at all-

      I see a little silhouetto of a man,
      Scaramouche,scaramouche will you do the fandango-
      Thunderbolt and lightning-very very frightening me-
      Galileo galileo
      Galileo figaro-magnifico-
      But Im just a poor boy and nobody loves me-
      Hes just a poor boy from a poor family-
      Spare him his life from this monstrosity-
      Easy come easy go-,will you let me go-
      Bismillah! no-,we will not let you go-let him go-
      Bismillah! we will not let you go-let him go
      Bismillah! we will not let you go-let me go
      Will not let you go-let me go
      Will not let you go let me go
      Mama mia,mama mia,mama mia let me go-
      Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,for me,for me-

      So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye-
      So you think you can love me and leave me to die-
      Oh baby-cant do this to me baby-
      Just gotta get out-just gotta get right outta here-

      Nothing really matters,
      Anyone can see,
      Nothing really matters-,nothing really matters to me,

      Any way the wind blows….

  2. Monica Rinna

    Ok, sorry to post 2 songs, I felt this was more appropriate to the personal narrative and did not know how to delete the first.

    1. Monica Rinna

      sorry everyone . . really and truly, after all that I entered it in wrong!!!! It is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s
      “Tuesday’s Gone”

  3. Josh Smith

    Montezuma – Fleet Foxes []

    The opening lines to this song (So now I am older/ Than my mother and Father/ When they had their daughter/ Now what does that say about me?) help articulate a more self reflective life narrative. The song continues to find meaning and understanding in what it means to be in your 20’s in 2011-2012. Throughout, the singer (Robin Pecknold) seems to compare his current life to those of people in the past, people who now seem to have had their lives figured out or determined in some way, but perhaps were just as confused as he is now. I don’t know; I like it.

    So now I am older,
    Than my mother and father,
    When they had their daughter,
    Now what does that say about me.
    Oh, how could I dream of
    Such a selfless and true love
    Could I wash my hands of
    Just looking out for me?

    Oh man what I used to be
    Oh man oh my oh me (x2)

    In dearth or in excess
    Both the slave and the empress
    Will return to the dirt, I guess
    Naked as when they came.
    I wonder if I’ll see
    Any faces above me?
    Or just cracks in the ceiling,
    Nobody else to blame?

    Oh man what I used to be,
    Oh man oh my oh me (x2)

    Gold teeth and gold jewelry
    Every piece of your dowry
    Throw them into the tomb with me
    Bury them with my name.
    Unless I have someday,
    Ran my wandering
    Mind away

    Oh man what I used to be
    Montezuma to Tripoli
    Oh man oh my oh me

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