Daily Archives: December 10, 2011

Occcupy Theory


We have come to Wall Street as refugees from this na- 

tive dreamland, seeking asylum in the actual. That is what 

we seek to occupy. We seek to rediscover and reclaim the 

world. Many believe we have come to Wall Street to transact 

some kind of business with its denizens, to strike a deal. But 

we have not come to negotiate. We have come to confront 

the darkness at its source, here, where the Big Apple sucks 

in more of the sap from the national tree than it needs or 

deserves, as if spliced from some Edenic forbearer. Serpent- 

size worms feast within, engorged on swollen fruit. Here, the 

world is chewed and digested into bits as tiny and fluid as the 

electrons that traders use to bring nations and homeowners 

to their knees.