Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

Postmodernism and Consumer Society (HUM415)

Imagine that you are invited to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. You drive for hours and finally arrive at the South Rim, where you and your companion park, then walk to a vista point. Looking down into the immensity of this geological formation, you have the sense of something out of all proportion, something that defies your sense of scale, something that 18th century philosophers and poets used to call “sublime.” Your friend pulls out a camera and takes a picture.

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Parataxis (HUM225)

Panphila came up to me today and noted that on one post I had called the style of short sentences without subordinate clauses parataxis, though we’ve been using the term hypotaxis in class. Though I assured her that hypotaxis was the proper term, later I couldn’t shake a lingering doubt. This is something like my inability to spell the word “regard” without checking. For years I would spell it “reguard” because of some kind of cognitive blind spot.

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