Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

Antinomies (HUM415)

Wrap your head around this:

“The paradox from which we must set forth is the equivalence between an unparalleled rate of change on all the levels of social life and an unparalleled standardization of everything– feelings along with consumer goods, language along with built space– that would seem incompatible with such mutability… What then dawns is the realization that no society has ever been as standarized as this one, and that the stream of human, social and historical temporality has never flowed quite so homogenously. … What we now begin to feel, therefore– and what begins to emerge as some deeper and more fundamental constitution of postmodernity itself, at least in its temporal dimension– is henceforth, where everything now submits to the perpetual change of fashion and media image, that nothing can change any longer.”

— Fredric Jameson, “The Antinomies of Postmodernity”