9 thoughts on “Superman Renounces US Citizenship!

    1. apciv Post author

      It is. I haven’t read much from DC of late. I tend to ask advice from friends who are more literate in comics and follow their lead. In American Autobiography we’re reading AD by Josh Neufeld. If you’ve got any recommendations I’d appreciate it.

  1. Julie

    Ouch!! I am a card-carrying liberal, but even I have to ask…where will poor Space Alien Superman go on planet Earth now…Sierra Leone?

  2. Linda Lam

    It’s true that the American government consists of a bunch of hypocrites who are boasting themselves as protectors of “truth and justice” but it could be far worse. China is a great example, lots of censorship and you can be sent to jail for hosting a radio station that gives news that may make China appear in a bad light. Many Asian Government in general are pretty strict and controlling, here’s a funny but extreme example: http://www.engrish.com//wp-content/uploads/2008/08/dying-prohibited.jpg Though i’m sure this example is probably a mistranslation but with humorous effects of course for people who understand English.

  3. Laleh

    Do you think Superman might want to reconsider now that “we’ve killed” Osama bin Laden? Wow.


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