Monthly Archives: April 2011

Guantanamo Files

Big news today from both the New York Times and the UK Guardian regarding Guantanamo Bay. The revelations contained in the “anonymously” leaked files are even now being groomed, torqued and repurposed for political gain. I strongly encourage you to learn about all this. Here are some links:,1518,758916,00.html

Update: Why The U.S. Declared An Iranian-Catholic Drug Dealer An “Enemy Combatant”

Topics (HUM303/ 415/ 470)

This week you’ll need to bring in a topic to discuss with your classmates. You’ll need to print out 4 copies. The topic ought to be developed, the product of some substantial reflection. With some honest, direct criticism from your peers it’s likely that you’ll be able to further refine the project of your final paper.

HUM303: Given that the general terrain of the final paper assignment is the Youth Concept, you’ve already got something of a start. Knowing which texts you’ll be using and what aspect of the YC you’ll be discussing will be important. Due date: Thursday, April 28.

HUM415: The parameters of the prompt for you paper are much looser than the above. Refer to the units and keywords on course information page for a sense of the scope of what’s possible. You’ll need to focus on a particular set of texts and concepts. Due date: Wednesday, April 27.

HUM470: The paper assignment for 470 is fundamentally contrastive– i.e. requires a comparison of different texts. In addition, your topic should demonstrate an awareness of the critical concepts and categories we’ve used to discuss Life Writing.  You are welcome to use a text beyond the syllabus provided you clear it with me. Due date: Wednesday, April 27.