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Life Writing Prompt (HUM470)

The prompt from class on Friday:

Describe an object from your past either synecdochally or metonymically.

Synecdoche: A form of metonymy. Something is referred to indirectly, either by naming only some part of it (ex. “hands” for sailors). In other words, the part stands in for the whole.

Metonymy: the name of a thing is replaced with the name of something else closely related to it (ex. “White House” for the executive branch of the federal government).

To clarify: the chosen object should stand in for something else: a phase of your life, an event, a relationship, etc. The object is in this way a door into that other thing.

Extra (HUM415)

This was added to the course information page about a week ago:

Extra Credit Assignments:

Students may complete up to two extra credit assignments for an additional 4 points each (8 total).

Assignment #1: Screen one of the following films and write a response to it in the context of the key concepts introduced in Unit One, Unit Two and/or Unit Three. BE SURE to incorporate some degree of formal analysis. Due date: Apr. 4.

Films: District 9The Edge of HeavenA ProphetDirty Pretty ThingsViva Laldjerie.

Assignment #2: As above, but focus on key concepts discussed in Unit Five and Unit Six. Due date: May 13.

Films: Red Road; Gattaca; Videodrome; Scanner Darkly; V for Vendetta; Blade Runner; Children of Men.