Daily Archives: March 14, 2011

Capitalist Realism (HUM415)

We managed to gloss the first four chapters of Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism, admittedly in somewhat haphazard fashion. On Wednesday we’ll return to those pages, forge ahead into the next 30 pages of the text and, with any luck, screen a few clips from Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men.

Check out this quick analysis by Zizek on the film, which includes the concept of anamorphosis*:

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Constructing/Deconstructing (HUM303)

Here are my occasionally cryptic notes on Catherine Belsey’s essay “Constructing the Subject, Deconstructing the Text.” They are in no way an adequate substitute for reading the essay itself. Theory of the sort Belsey writes resists epitomization; I would be hard pressed to convert the arc of her thought into an easily-digested bumper-sticker. Those wishing to understand her work must work themselves.

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