Your Questions (HUM415)

Some really interesting questions from Friday’s class. I culled a few of them for you to consider.

1. Can the process of decolonization be used as a form of periodization by the whole world? In other words, can there ever be a periodized occurrence in history, like WWII or the Sierra Leone Civil War that everyone can identify as an accurate usage of periodizing?

2. Is the act of committing violence the same as defending yourself using violence?

3. Jameson claims Diamond Dust Shoes is flat and meaningless and uses it as an example of the pastiche nature of postmodernism. Are not the shoes representative of our culture much like the peasant shoes? Why are they without meaning if they also represent the time and place of our culture and make us think about how times change?

4. How exactly does late capitalism lead to the waning of affect? Why do things mean less than they used to in the postmodern world?

5. In the Hoffman paper, there is a lot of back and forth about why there was such intense violence (physical experience of contact and combat) in the Sierra Leone Civil War, and that perhaps it’s fair to chalk it up to mere politics. Is it fair for me to ask why? I know that violence is a result of the political situation, but I would argue that this extreme violence has more to do with abuse/emotional stress in hardship + limited resources.