6 thoughts on “Youth Anthems Young and Old (HUM303)

  1. Mari

    Watching Iggy and the Stooges perform this song, it reminds me how I always laugh when I hear The Who perform, “My Generation,” particularly when Roger Daltrey sings, “I hope I die before I get old.” It sounds so punk but it was written in the 60’s during the first wave of mod culture. Now it’s 2011 and Daltrey is old… and still alive : )

    1. apciv Post author

      And there’s heartfelt nostalgia there too, for the fans who were there when The Who first came on the scene. But the idea of the generation is important for the Youth Concept, I think. What do people have in common simply based on their age cohort?

  2. Chris Loomis

    It’s nice that the class watched one of The Replacements’ great tongue in cheek/cynical songs.

    I’m not sure if others in the class have heard this song by the Replacements but I think a lot of young people could relate to their anthem “Bastards of Young.” It symbolizes the cynism a lot of young people feel when they must go out into the ‘real world’ during an economically bleak time.

      1. Chris Loomis

        It was on the album, ‘Tim.’ It’s my favorite album from the Replacements.

        It’s a shame that the Replacements didn’t get more recognition.

  3. evirna

    I think its interesting that youth anthems prevail throughout the generations and they are more or less the same in sentiment: rebellion and restless.

    Here’s two suggestions for current youth anthems:

    The Naked and Famous’ Youth Blood

    Girls’ Lust for Life

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