Prompt (ContCult)

Here is the prompt for your final exam:

Use at least 3 of the following key terms from the list below in a sustained and developed fashion to respond to the following prompt. For extra credit you may define any or all of the words listed.

Key terms:






structure of feeling


Using the texts we have read since the midterm formulate a critical assessment of contemporary culture. (Hint: any general claims you make ought to be complemented by specific arguments and backed up with textual evidence. You may of course use other key terms we’ve covered in addition to those listed above.) Open book, open note, no internet. If you have questions, please address them to the comments section of this post. Good luck.

4 thoughts on “Prompt (ContCult)

  1. Mike Nguyen

    I’m having a good time writing this one. Thanks man. Take care and happy holidays. The world should be take-home, open note, open book.

  2. Rachel Fernandez

    is it required that we write about the last 3 texts we have read or can we focus on one main text?

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