Daily Archives: December 8, 2010

Greenwald on wikileaks

Probably the best discussion of wikileaks I’ve heard recently is with Glenn Greenwald who is a kind of model for lucid thinking and cogent argument. See the first audio link at the following post:


And consider this, from a recent post at Crooked Timber:

“states are not limited to direct regulation; they can use indirect means, pressing Internet service providers (ISPs) or other actors to implement state policy. For example, states might require ISPs to block their users from having access to a particular site, or to take down sites with certain kinds of content. More generally … a small group of privileged private actors can become “points of control”—states can use them to exert control over a much broader group of other private actors. This is because the former private actors control chokepoints in the information infrastructure or in other key networks of resources. They can block or control flows of data or of other valuable resources among a wide variety of other private actors. Thus, it is not always necessary for a state to exercise direct control over all the relevant private actors in a given issue area in order to be a successful regulator.”