Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

Hypocrisy Perfected

Recent developments concerning wikileaks: Mastercard has now distanced itself from the organization, Paypal has suspended its account, Assange’s assets have been frozen by a Swiss bank, and Eric Holder continues to threaten the Assange with legal action. Mitch McConnell, multi-millionaire senator from Kentucky, said of Assange on Sunday:

I think the man is a high-tech terrorist. He’s done an enormous damage to our country, and I think he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And if that becomes a problem, we need to change the law.”

Got that? If what Assange and wikileaks have done is not illegal then we need to make it so in order to punish them.

Back to Attorney General Holder. Here’s what he said on Sunday regarding the leak of diplomatic cables: “We are looking at all the things we can do to try to stem the flow of this information.”

To which Hillary Clinton, might have responded (from  a speech given in January, 2010):

“Those who disrupt the free flow of information in our society, or any other, pose a threat to our economy, our government and our civil society. Countries or individuals that engage in cyber attacks should face consequences and international condemnation. In an interconnected world, an attack on one nation’s networks can be an attack on all. By reinforcing that message, we can create norms of behavior among states and encourage respect for the global networked commons….”